How to Really Steal the Seasparrow -GTA - San Andreas

    Written Monday, September 11, 2012 at 2:32pm
    by Robert Skyler

    GTA3 San Andreas: How to Really Steal the Seasparrow
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    The Tow Truck Solution
    The Tow Truck Solution: Airborne in one minute, reparked in two.
    lil weasel's Mullhulland Solution

    Verdant Bluffs Failure
    Ganton Failure

    1) At any point in GTA3 San Andreas, typically before moving on to the second city, you can steal the Seasparrow.
    2) Grab the Jetmax north of Los Santos, I typically acquire 4 wanted stars in this process, get in and motor north.
    3) The Seasparrow sits in the water off the dock, at absolute center and north of the map.
    4) Fly the sparrow, even further north for just a short hop, then get out and float until your fourth star disappears.
    5) Move quickly away once it does, fly low and fast to avoid the choppers, no missiles will come at three stars.
    6) Fly the coast until you reach the shipyard, then, while in the chopper, grab the police bribe on top of the bridge.
    7) Next I grab the second bribe in the flood basin, and wait out the third, at this point you're free to move about.
    8) But, I prefer an auto-repairing chopper, so I take it directly to my ghetto house in Verdant Bluffs.
    9) With a Ranger, NRG-500 and tiny car Flash in the garage, I land from the southwest, in front of the driveway.
    10) With the sparrow manually pushed tail toward the garage, I use the Ranger to gently push it all-the-way in.
    11) Use the NRG-500 to block the garage door open while doing so, the Flash sits behind the sparrow to push it out later.
    12) Viola, auto-repairing helicopter, Grand Theft style! Oh, and I later replaced the push vehicle with Denise's Green Hustler.
    13) And yes, that is a big-gun on its nose. Happy Hunting.

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